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Waiting not wilting.

‘In the midst of life we are in death.’  So goes the Book of Common Prayer on which I was raised and of which I can still recite big chunks.

What a concept.  Death in the midst of life and, even more compellingly, life in the midst of death.  It’s both/and not either/or.

The key to acceptance must be to recognize that the two – by their very nature – coexist.  Nothing in our experience of life suggests that any of it is all life, or all death at any time.

Here’s my friend’s garden in summer last year:
John:kids garden

And here it is today:

John's house Feb15

The abundant life is ephemeral, but so is this death.  What looks like death or the absence of life is, in fact, not.  It’s on the way to new life already sown.  New life as yet unseen only because currently it is beyond what we can see.

In our garden, last year’s Christmas tree branches are drying out beneath our blossoming rosemary bush.  Death and life adjacent.

photo 1photo 2

By comparison the rosemary is so bright and fecund it is enough to make you blush.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

If God does this with all Creation, it must include us.  We know it does.  The cycle of life to death to new life.

If in life we must grab it, in death we must wait for it.  New life is coming.   It is already sown.  It is not absent because it is as yet unnoticeable.

I hold onto this: “God’s delays are not God’s denials.

Hold on; hold fast; hold out.

Patience is genius.

Let’s wait, but not wilt.


All we have to do is drink enough water.
photo 2

Spring is coming.

Bathed in Light.

Bathed in light 1

You know what it’s like when you just have a really foul day?  I had one of those yesterday.

I felt crushed, besmirched, gagged.  Like I’d been swallowed by a massive wave that came out of nowhere.

I couldn’t tell which way was up.  If I fought the current, would I be heading to the surface or further into the dark?

Fast forward to today —

Before sun up, I awoke to go for a walk with a friend.  Overnight the most magnificent wind had arrived and you could already hear it in the gloaming before you could see it.

We canceled, and I had two luxurious hours (before waking children) to have my quiet time at the kitchen table.

Then the most amazing thing happened.  As I sat there, the rising sun came through the kitchen window at an acute angle and hit me full force in the face.  It crowned my head and shoulders.  Just that.  I was dazzled.

Bathed in light 2

I took off my glasses, put down my pen and closed my eyes. I could feel it soak into my tired arms and clenched shoulders.  I felt the creases of my face relax and my mouth unpinch.  I let the heat of that clear early morning sun soak into my heart.

The sun had found me and I was bathed in light.

As I soaked, yesterday seeped out of me into that windy day where God’s power swept it un-catchably from my grasp.  My fingers stretched out empty and free.  The weight taken, lifted off.

I am renewed.

New every morning.

Morning by morning.

I looked straight into that sunshine and could see nothing at all but His glory.

There is no crouched space in my world.  No hiding.  No fear.  The Life-light blazes out of the darkness and the darkness cannot put it out.

All shall be well.