Blog 4

“Jesus comes to you disguised as your own life.”

I sat in the Palm Sunday service and the truth of it sank like a pebble to the bottom of my pond, the ripples reaching out and out and out.

I’d never heard it phrased like that before.  I know the Lord is with me – He is present in every aspect of my life, I see Him all around me.  But that my circumstances themselves would be Jesus Himself breaking in? It broke into the hurtness of my being.

These smelly circumstances, ungainly circumstances, uncomfortable circumstances, unimpressive circumstances. He comes to me disguised as them?

What a concept.

And what a goal to find through my every living moment the truth of who He is and what I’m here for. Who He calls me to be and how I’m to live my life in and for Him.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey. Few got it. But He was sure of why He was there and what He was there to do.

Today, I hear Him say to me, “Josie, this is your donkey. This life I’ve given you, redeemed for you, purposed you for, and allowed.”


Ride on.

That’s helpful.

jsg/april 17

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