Walk it out.

I visited the house of a friend last week who had papered the walls with a bible.  I was stunned by how effective it was.  Not only aesthetically but in terms of literally surrounding her family with words of life.

I’m a big one for placing scripture around the house.  I make it into signs, I stick it on post-its, if the children draw it I pin it up. Sometimes it’s just a phrase, even a single word but it’s to remind us of the truth.  Not perceived reality.

So you’d think that I might be pretty on top of speaking life to myself and those around me.  Be pretty on top of speaking truth over falsehood, fact over feeling.

Well, if you were to examine my thoughts forensically, not so much.

I know the spiritual battle is ultimately a battle for the mind.  I know I am called to walk by faith not by sight. I know these things. I’ve taught on them, I’ve written them, I speak them over others all the time.

And yet, when it comes to me, old Fenella Feelings woos me with her wistfulness.

I walk my three dogs everyday and, this morning, I was muttering away in my boots thinking about all the stuff ahead of me this year, all the things that I’m worried about. Then I noticed the  sunlight on the ground and I thought “Wait!  If God tells me that whether I go to the right or the left I WILL hear a voice behind me saying this is the way walk in it – why do I feel like I am walking this out alone? It’s a lie, Josie.  You have fallen for a lie.”

And then I began to think of other scripture.  God is the God of Life.  God has promised me a future and a hope.  God has promised never to leave me.  God has told me to trust Him with my children. God sits enthroned over the flood.  God has told me not to be afraid.  God has gone before me and calls me to follow a path He has already mapped out for me.  God stops my feet from stumbling. God is wiser than me and knows what’s best for me.  God’s got the whole picture, I have pieces but it will be beautiful. God is good.

I thought – I know this is remedially basic but – what if I was to actually WALK THAT OUT today?  Effect every action based on truth?  See the future for me and my children as better than I can ask or imagine?  Expect to see God’s redemption in all my selfish brokenness?  See my life as a pouring out to others and not a pouring into me-me-me-myself?

God is bigger than my crazy thinking. God is bigger than my old scripts of how this is all going to go.

If I pray and then don’t walk as if God is true and has heard and is listening and is responding and is bigger than me – what is the point of praying? What is the point of my faith?

“Walk it out.” I can hear Him whisper it to me in every atom of this created morning. 

“Walk it out.”

jsg/jan 17

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