Daily Dose of Gorgeous.

On my daily run on the Common, my secret weapon of self-defence is to look as batty as I possibly can.


I go with my three ebullient dogs, unrestrained, which helps. They think they’ve already gone to Heaven after moving out of the city.

Dogs 1.jpg

My blood is pumping, my lungs are filling, my cheeks tingle, my eyes sparkle, my legs move carrying me forward. I feel alive all over again.

My secret weapon of motivation is to imagine that I’m running as far and as fast into my future as is humanly possible.  Thinking that my every step is taking me closer to what God has in store makes my heels kick up and I want to fly.

I call these times on the Common my Daily Dose of Gorgeous.  It sets my world to right.

IMG_0903 (1).jpg

My heart rate lifts and my spirit calms down.  I see the Living God all around me.

Looking up:

God’s grace in a new day dawning –
His intention right here in Creation’s immeasurable variety –


His eternity in trees here before me –
and still here long after I’m gone.
God here in a changing season – a new one birthed while an old one dies:
God in the dew:
In fruitfulness –
Berries 1.jpg
God in light, illuminating my focus.  “See Me here, Josie?”
Here 1.jpg
“Over here, Josie!”
“See Me here?”
Here 4.jpg
“And here?”
“And here?”
All around me, all the time.
Lord, I wonder what new life you are gestating in me right now.
If this daily dose of gorgeous is merely the ultrasound:
End blog.jpg
Only the immeasurably more must be on its way.
jsg/nov 16

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