On a rock in a hard place.

Kids waiting


My kids are waiting on me right now.

Waiting on me to make wise decisions. Waiting on me not to let them down. Waiting on me to provide what they need. Waiting on me to come up with a plan. Waiting on me to give them what they think they want.

And all they can do is trust. And go on past experience. And keep asking me.

I’m doing my best. Fortunately it’s not all down to me.

Because, as tough as current circumstances are, I’m not caught between a rock and a hard place. Which I would be wouldn’t I, if I were on my own. Relying on my own resources. My own wisdom. My own sight.

I’m not between a rock and a hard place. I’m ON a rock in a hard place. And that rock, that foundation, ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Thank God.

Because, as my kids wait on me, I’m waiting on Him.  That rock of ages. I’m trusting in Him. In who He is.

And this is where the parallels break down.  Because, unlike my kids with me –

He  does know all the things His kids cannot.

He does have all the jigsaw pieces because He made the puzzle.

He can see all the parts of life that haven’t come into view yet (and may not still for years to come.)

And I can’t. I can only see the current view.

What will I do?

I will ask Him, “Where do I go from here?” I’m trusting to His eyes and His path. He has the power to make a way for me.

I will ask Him, “What do I actually need today?”  I’m trusting to His provision.  I have only to ask.

I will ask Him, “What must I do?” I’m trusting that He will do His part as I do mine.

And in all these things, I’m trusting in His wisdom and His unchanging nature.

I’m trusting to my past experience of Him. To my knowledge of whom He has proved Himself to be in my life over and over and over again.

And in that knowledge, that surety, I stay firmly planted on that immovable rock looking down on all my circumstances.  No matter how hard they may be.

I am looking down, not daring fearfully to peek up.  I remind myself of this.

The kids and I are all waiting.  They for me, and I for Him.  Doing as much as I can meantime.

I wait and I watch.

And I choose to keep appreciating the view.



Jsg/May 16



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