To make an end is to make a beginning.

New Year Fireworks 16

Happy New Year! As I watched the kids gasp at the fireworks from our garage roof last night, I thought of T.S. and how right he was.

Much of the good endures from 2015. And as I step over the threshold (climb, really) into 2016 I recognize that I can choose to leave much of the bad behind me. I can make an end of whatever I choose not to carry further, and let it explode in a glorious mass of sparks. I can feel the explosion of its weight bursting in my heart and setting me free as I move forward with the scent of smoke dissipating behind me.

Thank God! It is just too weighty holding on to so much story.

So here’s what I choose this day:

I choose faith.

I choose to thought-check. Daily.

I choose opportunity.

I choose generosity.

I choose my kids now, my time will come.

I choose hope.

I choose unimaginable possibility.

And, most of all, I choose the unknown.

Because if this year is indeed new, isn’t it all unknown really? I choose not to frame it. Not to limit it. Not to assume “knownness” upon it.    I know the One who does know, and it’s not me.


Today I climb out of the old.

And I clamber over into the new.

I’m ending all that I can – I’m saying “No More” to “All That” – in order to make a beginning. And I’m not going to pick it all up again.

The end is where we start from.

Join me?




Jsg/jan 16




2 thoughts on “To make an end is to make a beginning.”

  1. Josie, I’m excited to read and keep in touch through your blog. Does WordPress have an RSS reader extension you can install. I get all my blogs pushed to me through NewNewsWire–a Mac based RSS reader. That way, even when I miss an episode on the day it is birthed I can catch up with it later, having had it delivered to me by virtue of the RSS. Possible? Or am I just a dreamer?


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