Bathed in Light.

Bathed in light 1

You know what it’s like when you just have a really foul day?  I had one of those yesterday.

I felt crushed, besmirched, gagged.  Like I’d been swallowed by a massive wave that came out of nowhere.

I couldn’t tell which way was up.  If I fought the current, would I be heading to the surface or further into the dark?

Fast forward to today —

Before sun up, I awoke to go for a walk with a friend.  Overnight the most magnificent wind had arrived and you could already hear it in the gloaming before you could see it.

We canceled, and I had two luxurious hours (before waking children) to have my quiet time at the kitchen table.

Then the most amazing thing happened.  As I sat there, the rising sun came through the kitchen window at an acute angle and hit me full force in the face.  It crowned my head and shoulders.  Just that.  I was dazzled.

Bathed in light 2

I took off my glasses, put down my pen and closed my eyes. I could feel it soak into my tired arms and clenched shoulders.  I felt the creases of my face relax and my mouth unpinch.  I let the heat of that clear early morning sun soak into my heart.

The sun had found me and I was bathed in light.

As I soaked, yesterday seeped out of me into that windy day where God’s power swept it un-catchably from my grasp.  My fingers stretched out empty and free.  The weight taken, lifted off.

I am renewed.

New every morning.

Morning by morning.

I looked straight into that sunshine and could see nothing at all but His glory.

There is no crouched space in my world.  No hiding.  No fear.  The Life-light blazes out of the darkness and the darkness cannot put it out.

All shall be well.


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