The banner over this house.

Gratitude Banner

In the weeks leading up to Christmas I painted banners to give as presents to friends.  This was the one I chose to keep and hang above our hallway.  It is therefore, literally, the banner over our house.

Without Christ, I would not have peace, I would not know three-dimensional, unshakeable joy irrespective of circumstances, and I would not understand that I – along with anyone else who wants – have been (and can continue to be) forgiven.

In fact, without God I would not even have breath, let alone the other amazing gifts of this life and the one to come.

As we end this year and enjoy the cosiness of Christmas and the New one, I want this banner to remain at the forefront of my heart as I enter 2015.  That I would see everything in my life through it.

For I am thankful.  Incredibly, immutably thankful for all that God has given me and continues to give me every single moment of my days.

Happy New Year to all!



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