Clinging to Yes.


When my son, Guy, was small I used to call him “Baby Tree Frog”.  Every opportunity he got he would wrap his arms and legs around my leg and get me to walk him around the house/to preschool/through the store while he clung on.  It was hilarious.

We were designed for clinging.  I think of how a baby instinctively curves into the shape of its mother, or a toddler immediately wraps their legs around your waist and arms around your neck.

I think of how we hug – arms wrapped around another person.  And the longer the (appropriate) hug, the more and more comforting it becomes.  Our heart sings.

We were born to embrace.  When life is full of hugs, it’s easy to forget how amazing they are.

At a Thanksgiving giveaway last weekend while I was praying for a beautiful woman with a haunted expression in her eyes, I “saw” the Lord hugging her.  So when we finished I said, “Might I give you a hug?” Her face broke into a surprised grin and she nodded.  When we let go, both of us were a little teary.  We had both been touched. Our hearts sang.

Tomorrow, it is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States.  So we are all caused to think about what we are grateful for – why?

Because in giving thanks – either in remembrance or for today – we cling to the YES of life.  It’s an almighty shout-out to all things created and the Creator.


YES to the beauty of the world!

YES to the gift of another day!

YES to this breath, this heartbeat, this person right in front of me!

YES to what I do have, the love that does surround me!

YES to the things that are happening!

YES to hope, love, truth, purity, faithfulness and redemption!

YES to the infinite possibilities of the human heart!

YES to the miracle of life itself!

There are times when this is easy, and times when it seems impossible.

Frog On Wire

The celebration of any holiday is a time of blessing and mourning, how could it be any other way?  But clinging to YES is a defiant shout of victory against all those things we cannot change. Because we’re still here.

When we cling to YES, we cling on to Life itself.  We come into connection with Life Himself, and we come into the place where we have always been meant to be.  Our heart sings.

And here’s the mystery.  That when we cling to YES – when we seek it and find it and wrap our arms and legs and heart and head around it – we discover that it is in fact the YES, that Almighty Shout-out of Glory, which has been holding us to life all along.  Catching us and keeping us.

So today may we let go of NO, DON’T, CAN’T, HAVE NOT and cling to YES.  May we cling to the known, the already here and the never changing.  The heartbeat of all that is given NOW.  We are – literally – clinging on for dear life.

Clinging to YES also gives us something to do and life rushes in.  To do otherwise changes nothing and leaves our arms and our hearts achingly empty and our heads bowed.

So I choose today a defiant YES!  YES!  YES!

And I wish you a blessed, connected and YES-filled Thanksgiving.  God is still on the throne, may our hearts sing.


jsg/nov 14

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