How high can the waves get?


Just when I thought my week couldn’t get ****ier…  Life does that, eh?

A picture that is very reassuring to me in my Christian walk is that the name of the Lord is a STRONG TOWER.  I run to Him and I am safe.  So no matter how high the waves get, my children and I are safe in the turret and the battle (or storm) raging around us cannot throw us into danger.

Here’s the picture I drew in my prayer journal last week to remind myself:

Strong Tower

However, on days like today, I am caused to ask, “Just how high can those waves get?”  You know you’re safe, you know you cannot be swept away by the force of whatever is coming against you, but… I have to say those waves are pretty daunting.  Awe-inspiring. Horrifying actually.

It made me think of a story my sister told me about a lighthouse whose windows at the very top were smashed in by waves but the lighthouse stood.  So I googled ‘lighthouse windows not smashed by waves’ and the results were stunning.

Here’s what I notice about lighthouses:

1.  They stand high up above the waves.  So in calm times they are easily visible, and in storms they cannot be overcome.  They, effectively, make a stand.

2.  In order for lighthouses to stand, they have to have been built with firm foundations on solid rock.  With good design.  And whoever built each lighthouse in such treacherous waters, risked everything to make sure it would withstand even the greatest forces that could be thrown against it.

3.  Because the lighthouse stands so high above the waves, its obstruction to the path of nature results in the most impressive battering.  Its very strength and height creates the greatest impact.

4.  And, finally, those who work in a lighthouse are wholly altruistic.  It must be terrifying at times, it’s not an easy job.  Their job entirely revolves around saving others.  Even if they chose it because they crave solitude, they have chosen a treacherous post to warn every approaching ship against danger.  That, seeing the lighthouse, every ship could navigate safely into harbor.


And so in watching lighthouses lashed by storm, I thought again about the immeasurable strength of the Tower I have made my life within.  Even the winds and the waves cannot overcome it.

The force of the waves is shocking, frankly.  The wind.  The rain.  The hail.  The spray.  The relentlessness of the power coming against me.  But that Strong Tower isn’t going anywhere.  I can feel it beneath me.  I can stand in its turret and look out on what comes against me and know.  Really know.  That no force – no force – can overcome my safety within its walls.

And so I am comforted even in the midst of storm.  And I pray, standing in that turret looking out at the waves, even as the salt spray bites my cheeks, that I can beam the light within that Tower to all approaching ships.  That they might avoid certain death on the rocks, and navigate safely into harbor.  Safely into home.

jsg/oct 14

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