Surprising Myself.

SJ Endeavor

Something completely unexpected happened today and I so easily could have missed it. This is how I discovered it.

Tonight, I spent ten minutes in silence reflecting on my day. Only because a friend suggested it.

So I sat there…

And I sat there…

And I sat there…   At first I couldn’t think of anything just because I couldn’t think of anything bad.

Then, as I started to systematically go through the different beats of my day I thought, “That was funny.” Then, “That was happy.”  Then, “CLASSIC.”  Then, “That was amazing.” Then, “That was fascinating.”  Then, “That was moving.” Then, “Wow, that was awesome.”   And finally, “What a satisfying day!”

What was so unexpected? What would I have missed if I hadn’t sat down to think about it? Today, I was happy.

Just. Really. Happy.

It was a great day.

Despite much cause, I wasn’t worried, I wasn’t fearful, I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t frustrated, and I didn’t lose my temper with my kids (which was about me, not them).  I just really enjoyed them.

If I hadn’t been asked to stop and think, I wouldn’t have noticed.  I’d have fed the dogs, checked the hamsters, put the kids down, turned the lights off, got myself ready and fallen – unthinking – into bed.

I really surprised myself.  How could I not have known?  I needed today, but without reflection its particular gift would have floated down the river into the fading light.

I want to change that tomorrow.  I want to look back and think.  I want to recognize and register all of it.

Here’s my favorite image from today:  My daughter in all her 11 year old joy, on her wheelies, under the wings of the space shuttle. The miniature and the magnificent, perfectly matched.

Yes.  Today.

You know, today?  All was right with my world.


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