Glimpses of Childhood.


My youngest, Guy, turned nine yesterday and birthdays and birthday parties are big for me.  Birthdays (and Christmas) are when I get to write large into my kids’ DNA how greatly they are loved, valued, cherished, seen, and celebrated. 

Just them. 

Specifically them!

On Their Day.

I base all celebrations on the way my own mother did them for us. 

Me 1967

Nothing huge or fancy, only time spent on loving the person.  Homemade birthday tea with homemade cake, balloons and streamers, handwritten labels on the presents with clues to their contents, and all the presents gathered in one place – sofa or laundry basket – ready for the “big reveal” in the morning.




We always do the same games: pin the tail on the donkey, tray and teatowel memory game, musical chairs, musical statues (even better on the trampoline), pass the parcel. When the kids were little, it was worth everything to me seeing pride glowing on their faces as they said to their friends, “My mummy and daddy are doing all the games!”

Guy turning nine, was still completely up for a party in the back garden.  Coolness came in the form of a Minecraft theme, but the essence of it was no different than every year that had gone before.





What I want my children to remember, is this:


That no matter where Life takes them
Or what It may throw at them,


Wherever they are in the world
With friends or alone,


On their birthday,


Everything stopped.

Just for them.


So we could celebrate and be grateful


For just exacty who they are.

jsg/sept 2014

3 thoughts on “Glimpses of Childhood.”

  1. Love it Josie! I feel the same about bdays. A couple of years ago after reading a little book called Yes Day I decided that every bday for my children would be a Yes Day! Daily life requires so much direction, that the respite of “no” for the day proved refreshing for us all.

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    1. This is beautiful. Birthdays are such a blessing and celebration of the years God has allowed us to be on earth. Your blog drought me to happy tears. The photos of our kids were so sweet. I remember when they were babies and before Guy was even born. Love love love you and your kids!

      Liked by 1 person

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