The Dishwasher and the Marriage.

Dishwasher pic

We have a very old dishwasher.  It has been faithful, only broken down occasionally, does a reasonably good job at what it’s meant to do, and (being a first world family) has been a crucial part of daily life.

Over the years, the sharp knives placed upside down in the cutlery baskets cut two large-ish holes in the mesh.  You have to avoid putting any cutlery in those baskets because anything narrow will fall straight through preventing the pushing in of the rack or, if not that, the breaking of the roters. This would, of course, destroy the whole machine because given its age the  parts required to repair it are now more costly than the expense of a brand new dishwasher.

It only takes one piece of cutlery to fall through and you’re buggered.  So you have to be careful.  You try to mend the holes but what with? Wire still leaves holes and duck tape comes unstuck.

You also compensate.  You try not to use those baskets at all, the dishwasher still washes a lot of things.  Sometimes you shove the handle of the spoon back up and hope it won’t fall again during this cycle.

But here’s the thing, those holes are just there waiting to break the machine. The holes themselves do nothing, it’s what falls through them that counts.  You can choose to keep going with the holes, knowing disaster is only ever one spoon away, or you can stop the daily madness and start over.

So, with sadness but common sense, I’m starting over.

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